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How to Treat Lice With Listerine. If your children are in school, you're likely to experience lice. Getting it has nothing to do with cleanliness. They actually prefer clean hair because their nits (eggs) can stick to it better than dirty hair. There are many ways to treat lice. Consider using ...


How to Use Listerine as Lice Treatment. If you must use Listerine as a head lice treatment, here are some of the common methods used. I recommend not leaving it on for too long to prevent too much alcohol absorption. Traditional Listerine Lice Treatment (from Home Remedies That Really Work) Wet the hair and scalp generously with Listerine.


Use this listerine lice treatment at home to not only treat but help prevent lice infestation. Why use a Listerine Lice Treatment at Home to Get Rid of Lice? Listerine lice treatments are cheaper and less toxic than the professional lice remedies you can buy in the store, making them a better choice for many people.


Many parents in a search of safer home remedies for treating head lice think of Listerine. You may find many recommendations regarding using Listerine for lice online. However, this product was not created for head lice treatment. It’s a mouth wash with an antiseptic in it. The product also contains a lot of alcohol. Let’s […]


We first heard about using old-fashioned amber Listerine against lice nearly 20 years ago. A nurse told us that the secret ingredient in the mouthwash is the alcohol, which suffocates lice fast. To treat lice, people often soak their scalps with Listerine, wrap damp hair up in a towel for half an hour and then rinse the Listerine and lice away.


To treat head lice with Listerine, soak the person's head with the mouthwash, and soak it again with white vinegar. Shampoo the hair, and then comb out any visible lice eggs, or nits. Soak hair in Listerine. Pour enough Listerine on the person's head to completely soak their hair.


The reason Listerine doesn’t work to eliminate lice is that different chemicals treat lice differently. The active ingredient in Listerine is alcohol, and alcohol-based alternative lice treatments (like Listerine) predominantly rely on suffocation to eliminate lice. This is a good step, but far from an effective, permanent solution.


Remove the bag carefully. You will probably see many dead lice inside the bag. Rinse the hair, so you get rid of all the Listerine. Step 3: Douse the head with equal amounts of white vinegar and water, massage the scalp gently and apply the bags again. Leave it on for another hour.


The Side Effects of Listerine for Lice Removal. Another thing that we need to consider when it comes to using mouthwash as a home remedy for head lice is the fact that there are a large number of side effects associated with Listerine and this is not a product that should be used regularly by everyone; especially children.


Your head is itching uncontrollably and you fear the worst case scenario: you have lice. Upon further investigation, you discover that you have, in fact, been invaded by these parasites. Lice are small parasites that attach themselves to human hair and feed off of blood. Though lice can affect any part of the body that […]