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How Do You Transplant Sago Palms? When transplanting a sago palm, the root ball must be dug up. The palm should be transplanted into a prepared hole as soon as possible. Pruning shears, a shovel, loppers, burlap, a tape measure and string are required for transplanting.


Once established, sago palm trees do not like to be moved. This does not mean that you can’t transplant sago palms, it just means that you must do it with extra care and preparation. The timing of transplanting sago palms is important. You should only attempt to move a sago palm in late winter or ...


Sago palms are heavy, so you may need to call in an expert to do the deed. At the least, enlist some strong arms to help you lift the plant out and place it in its new hole. Use a wheelbarrow to move it more easily. It is critical to replant the sago even with the soil level.


Whether you're transplanting a sago palm or removing one from your yard, its size will determine if you can easily do the job or if you’ll need the strength and help of a dinosaur just to get it ...


The sago (Cycas revoluta) is an evergreen tree with a thick trunk and palm-like leaves. Sagos grow very slowly, so large trees are worth far more than their smaller counterparts.


Sago palms from pups are little offshoots that grow at the base of the parent plant. They are easy to grow and the process includes picking or digging up the pups, preparing them and planting them. You need a trowel, shears, a container or tub, well-drained soil and water.


A wide variety of palms, like sago palms, date palms or ponytail palms, will produce offshoots that are commonly known as pups.These palm pups are an excellent way to propagate the plant, but you need to know how to transplant a palm pup from the mother plant.


In short, planting the pups is the best way to grow sago palms. However, most parts of the plant, especially the seeds, are found to be poisonous for humans as well as animals. So, you must wear gloves, while handling the plant, its seeds, and pups. In case of accidental ingestion of sago palm parts, seek immediate medical attention.