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This was my first time making stuffed mushrooms and after reading several of the reviews I decided on how I would make mine. The full amount of cream cheese was enough for 24 mushrooms and I pla... Read more. SMARIE004 163 3 11/28/2005. Excellent recipe. I doubled the filling and used 24 oz fresh mushrooms and it filled them almost perfectly. ...


White button mushrooms are generally easy to work with, but see what your recipe calls for. No matter which type of the veggie you’re using, the trick is to find those that are a little larger in size (if they’re too small, it will have too small of a stem hole to stuff).


Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms "I took these to a dinner party and they were a huge hit." – Cheesecakemama. Blue Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms "The absolute hit of the party! This is a keeper recipe!" – Baking Nana. Mouth-Watering Stuffed Mushrooms. With more than 2,780 reviews, you know this recipe's a winner.


How to Make Stuffed Mushrooms. Stuffed mushrooms are a classy and hearty treat that can serve as the appetizer at a dinner party, or as a more casual snack at a get-together. You can also just make these rich and delicious mushrooms for...


For an elegant appetizer, try Giada De Laurentiis' Stuffed Mushrooms from Everyday Italian on Food Network. Breadcrumbs and cheese make these caps extra rich.


Save room for these shrooms. Preheat oven to 400°. Grease a baking sheet with cooking spray. Remove stems from mushrooms and roughly chop stems. Place mushroom caps on baking sheet. In a medium ...


Which brings me to something I’ve discovered about stuffed mushrooms: I actually prefer to stick to small/medium mushrooms, rather than the gargantuan caps you see in restaurants. Those are delicious, too—don’t get me wrong. But I like the pop-in-your-mouth convenience of the small ones, and they also tend to hold together a little better ...


If you have been looking for a recipe for the ooiest, gooiest, meltiest, cheesiest stuffed mushrooms around, look no further! Stuffed mushrooms are a classic, timeless, easy to make appetizer. There are so many variations out there, but most, including this one, feature a cheesy mixture stuffed inside the mushroom cap.


Just because you've baked it doesn't mean the mushroom is ready yet. If you want, add some mozzarella cheese for the last 4 minutes of baking and add a twist to your stuffed mushrooms. Or wait until the mushrooms are out of the oven and do what some of the folks over at ChowHound.com do: add some feta or goat cheese.


If you love the Olive Garden's stuffed mushrooms than this is the recipe for you. This is a dead ringer and so easy to make. tara31's Review. Leanne EOwen. February 06, 2011. I used fat free cream cheese to lighten the recipe and made the rest as directed. Simple and tasty!