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Whether it creeps up on you or you have forewarning, menopause is a fact of life. Hot flashes often come on suddenly, but how long any single hot flash lasts will vary. Some hot flashes pass after ...


On average, however, women get hot flashes or night sweats for about 7 years. Prevention. There’s nothing you can do to avoid hot flashes around menopause. But you can stay away from triggers ...


If you are already being treated for any of these conditions, ask your doctor about a medication that could do double duty and treat the hot flashes. If you are not being treated for any of these conditions but would like to try a prescription treatment for hot flashes, check with your medical provider about the best choice for you. Like ...


Although it might not be possible to stop hot flashes entirely, by making small lifestyle changes, it can become easier to manage hot flash sensations and reduce their frequency and severity. Follow the link below to discover more information on how to treat hot flashes.


Discuss the pros and cons of various treatments with your doctor. If hot flashes don't interfere with your life, you probably don't need treatment. Hot flashes subside gradually for most women, even without treatment, but it can take several years for them to stop. Hormone therapy. Estrogen is the primary hormone used to reduce hot flashes.


Drink two or three cups of sage tea each to reduce night sweats and hot flashes. SEE ALSO: Best 10 Herbs for the Relief of Menopause Symptoms . 12. Red Clover. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that red clover is an effective herbal remedy for both night sweats and hot flashes.


I wish I could reassure you and say the symptoms will stop in the next few months, but unfortunately, there's no way to know how long the hot flashes will last, and you may have them indefinitely.


Obviously, since losing weight takes time, this is one strategy that should be used proactively before you reach menopause. By reaching a healthy goal weight prior to having hot flashes, you may be able to significantly reduce the likelihood of getting them, or the severity of those you do.


Stop Hot Flashes Once and For All. Hot flashes are one of the most common and troublesome symptoms of menopause, with many sufferers desperate to find a quick and effective solution. Hot flashes can be particularly troublesome if the sudden body heat interferes with your daily activities or sleep. What Causes Hot Flashes?


How long do hot flashes last? It used to be said that menopause-related hot flashes fade away after six to 24 months. But for many women, hot flashes and night sweats often last seven years and may go on for 11 years or more.