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A pork butt, seasoning, smoking wood, wrapping liquid, charcoal, the Big Green Egg and about 9 hours are needed to properly smoke a pork butt in the Big Green Egg. The Down and Dizzy seasonings make a tasty rub for the pork butt, but any recipe works. Following the recipe below, the end result delivers a delicious and tender pork butt.


Stabilize EGG at 250°F/121°C, and wait 20 minutes or more until smoke is thin with a light smoky aroma. Place seasoned pork butt on grid, fat cap down. Cook for approximately 8 hours, or until outside crust (bark) is caramelized and firm.


I’ve done many a pork butt on the Big Green Egg, but by all accounts, the Pork Butt that I cooked this last weekend was my best ever. What made it so good? I’m not going to say it was any one thing in particular, but more of a combined effort across the board.


This is a updated version of my previous How to Smoke Pork Butt post – I wanted to illustrate the method with a bit more detail and show how I work with multiple butts at the same time. Big Green Egg Pork Butt Guide


Welcome to Eat Stuff! Today Adam and Rhett show you how to smoke an 8lb pork butt on the Big Green Egg. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE! -A&R.


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I’m cooking on my Big Green Egg for this cook, but any grill/smoker set up for indirect heat will do the job. Run the pit at 250⁰ and add several chunks of GrilleWood.com Hickory and Cherry wood for smoke. Once the Egg stabilizes, place the picnic on the cooking grate, cover the collar with a dry cotton towel, and close the lid.


Come visit Big Green Egg headquarters, ... I smoked a 10.2 pound pork butt last night/this morning. Rubbed with Kosher salt and set in fridge for 24 hours. After 24 hours, injected (I know, most people don't inject pork butt) with apple juice and vinegar 50/50.


I admit, I’m an egghead. Earlier this year I finally made room on the patio for one more grill- the grill of all grills- the Big Green Egg. My first “smoke” on her was a pork butt, also know as a Boston Butt. I’m a Carolina girl transplanted down to Florida, so of course my first smoke would ...