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How Do You Size a Furnace for a House? There are several factors to consider when sizing a furnace for a house, including the square footage of the building and the climate it occupies. A rule of thumb is to allow 25 to 30 BTU per square foot for moderate climates and up to 45 BTU per square foot in harsher climates. For a 2,000 square foot ...


The size of the home is the first, obvious factor in determining the furnace size, but there are many other considerations also. Whether a home is open - with a few large rooms - or closed, with ...


Sizing Calculator. The following technique can provide you with an approximate size estimate for your new furnace or central air conditioner. Although you may reasonably use this estimate as a first pass when browsing through furnace or air conditioner models, you (or your HVAC contractor) should complete a thorough load calculation before you make your purchase.


Choosing the right size and type of furnace is a job for a qualified central air conditioning contractor or dealer. Proper size should be based on energy-loss calculations figured from your house size, window areas, insulation levels, and related features.


For example, if you choose a model with a 95-percent annual fuel utilization efficiency and your home has between 810 and 1,350 square feet, you need a 40,000 BTU per hour furnace. If your house ...


Most furnaces are offered in 15,000-20,000 btu increments so you just need to get close in terms of sizing. If the furnace you selected is more than 10% below your heating requirement, we suggest you go up to the next size.


Check the Size. If the unit you have now is the correct size for your home, replace it with the same size. How do you know what size you currently have? Look at the name plate on your furnace and locate the model number (not serial number). You are looking for 2 digits in the model number that match the numbers below to indicate Tons or BTU.


Do you want to know which size of furnace or air conditioner is the correct for your house? Call us at 416-332-2493 Under- or oversizing can cost you performance, comfort and efficiency related issues when it comes to both the furnace and the air conditioner.


A lot of real science is included in the methods of calculation when selecting the right size central air conditioner for your home. For instance, one of these methods is a Residential Load Calculation. Another method for sizing air conditioners is determining the size of the air conditioner system that's currently in place.


To calculate BTU per square foot, start by measuring the square footage of each room you want to heat or cool. Then, add the square footage for each room together. Once you have the total square footage, just multiply that number by 20 to find how many BTUs per hour you'd need to heat or cool the space.