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Nuts that you can roast include chestnuts, peanuts, walnuts, filberts (hazelnuts), almonds, pecans, macadamias and pine nuts. Roasting directions vary depending on the variety. Some nuts go directly into the oven, while others need advance preparation. Additionally, some varieties roast better when you put them in a cold oven, while others ...


Holidays are times when roasted mixed nuts in their shells are served. When you crack the shells open, the nuts seem to taste better. Roasting mixed nuts in the shell can be tricky since the nuts have different shell thicknesses that affect the preparation, cooking process and roasting time.


Roast nuts in the shells by allowing the raw nuts to dry out for a few days before rinsing the shells and roasting them on a baking pan in an oven. Specific times and methods vary depending on the type of nut you want to roast. To roast hazelnuts in their shells, pluck off the green leafs surrounding the shells, and wash them under water.


If you have shelled pine nuts, toast them gently in the oven or on the stove until they're a uniform brown color. You can also roast pine nuts that are still in their shells. Use the oven or microwave to heat them until the shells crack and you can easily remove the toasted nuts.


Roasted pistachios are a delicious, healthy snack on their own and a great addition to salads, party mix, and baked goods. You can roast pistachios easily in the oven or a skillet. Before you roast them, prep them by removing the shells. Then, roast them until they turn light brown and give off a nutty smell.


To roast walnuts in their shells, place the walnuts on a baking sheet, and cook them in the oven at 170 F. After cooling the walnuts, store them in the refrigerator, and use a nutcracker to remove the walnuts from the shell. Spread the walnuts on a baking sheet. Spread the walnuts evenly on a baking sheet, leaving space between each walnut.


The shell of the macadamia nut is notoriously difficult to crack. The force required to shell a raw nut can pulverize the interior meat. However, with patience to let the macadamia slowly roast, you can dry the nuts in their shell and get the nut meat out to use for further roasting or in recipes such as nut encrusted tilapia or white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.


Roasting pecans with the shell on can be performed in the same manner as roasting peanuts and other nuts in the shell. Roasting nuts in the shell takes a little longer than roasting nuts without a shell but it will give the pecans a natural, rustic flavor.


Look for healthy, unwrinkled shells and a glossy brown surface. Dingy or mottled shells may indicate mold, and small pinholes likely indicate that worms have been drilling; avoid such nuts. Fresh chestnuts are firm to the touch and heavy in the hand, with no space between the shell and the meat of the nut inside.


Peanuts—also known as groundnuts, or "goobers" in the South—make a healthy snack. Raw dried peanuts can be roasted shelled or in the shell. If you plan to roast them and make peanut butter (below), use Spanish or Runner varieties. For eating out of hand, Virginia and Valencia varieties are best.