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Replace the gasket and the caseback. Screw the caseback tightly onto the Timex watch and reset the time as necessary. Replacing the Batteries in a Timex Watch with a Snap Back. Look at the caseback of your Timex watch. You should be able to see the type of battery you need, as well as any grooves or lips that will tell you where to open the ...


How to Change Timex Batteries. If your Timex watch has stopped working, you probably need to change the battery. While the task can seem complicated, changing a battery is a simple process. If your watch has screws, you'll need a tiny...


Replacing a battery on a Timex Expedition watch can be rather difficult, especially since you want to be able to preserve the watch's watertight qualities. While most people choose to take the watch to a jeweler to have this done, it is possible to do it yourself.


This video should work for any Timex Ironman Digital watch (or other Timex watches). I suggest following along with the video as you replace the battery. Good luck and feel free to ask questions.


To change the battery on a Timex watch, open the battery holding panel on the back of the Timex watch. Remove the old battery, insert the new battery, and place the holding panel back onto the watch. Remove the screws on the holding panel. Find the four screws on the back holding panel. Unscrew them with a jeweler's or eyeglass screwdriver.


Once you realize what’s happened, your next move is to replace the battery as soon as possible. While some watches have a unique process, you can generally change your Timex watch battery the same way you would most timepieces. Here’s how: Take it to an expert If you doubt your ability to change your watch battery, don’t worry.


You could, of course, replace it yourself... like I do. Timex stamps the battery size on the back of the case, and you can buy these batteries at your local grocery. They're usually CR2025 or CR2032 button-type batteries. Once you have a new battery, you're set.


Replace the back of your Timex Carriage watch to complete your battery replacement. If your Timex Carriage watch model uses screws to hold the back cover, replace the screws and tighten them. For other Timex Carriage watches, line up the notches on the watch back with the indentations on the rim of the watch case.


If your timex indiglo watch is losing time, it’s a good indication that your battery is at the end of its life. Although Timex watches come in a wide range of styles and models, the basic process for changing the battery remains the same.