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Learn how to change the faucet cartridge in your Delta sink. Buy the kit on Amazon! http://amzn.to/2Eff0al Delta P/N RP25513


When buying a faucet you need to make sure it will fit your sink. Your sink will have one, two, or three holes for the faucet. Plus, the holes will be either centerset or widespread. Make sure you have this information when you’re shopping. When in doubt, take the old one to the store with you.


How to Repair a Delta Brand Kitchen Faucet. How to replace all of the gaskets and springs in a Delta brand Single-Handle kitchen faucet. These are also called "ball faucets." Purchase a replacement parts kit from a reputable hardware...


How to change the stems, seats and springs in a Delta Faucet. How to change the stems, seats and springs in a Delta Faucet ... Delta Faucet Cartridge Replacement - How-to - Tequila Slim - Duration ...


How to Replace Delta Cartridges. Delta makes several different cartridge styles; the 1300, 1400 and 1700 series are the most popular. The 1300 is a basic on-and-off cartridge and the 1400 series offers a temperature-limit control. Then 1700 series Delta faucet cartridge is dual control, one for temperature and the other for water volume. Replacing...


The Delta kitchen faucet line includes well over 100 different models, and about two-thirds of these are single-handled faucets. While you can generally replace a single-handled faucet with a ...


Delta Faucet Company recommends using a professional plumber for all installation and repair. We also recommend that you use only genuine Delta® replacement parts. What You Must Do To Obtain Warranty Service or Replacement Parts A warranty claim may be made and replacement parts may be obtained by calling 1‑800‑345‑3358 or by writing to:


A steady drop in water pressure from a single faucet is most likely due to a clogged aerator. The aerator is the portion on the end of the faucet spout. ... How to Remove Hidden Aerators in Delta Faucets By Kenneth Crawford. ... If you do not have the aerator tool, insert a quarter between two opposing notches on the aerator.


In the Delta Faucet Customer Service Center, get warranty information, register your product, find repair parts and instructions or contact a specialist.


Depending on your existing situation, the faucet may be installed to the countertop or the sink, so if you are replacing one or the other, you have the option to change faucet type. If not, purchase a new faucet to match the type you already have.