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There are several types of swamp cooler problems that require repair, so the process first involves diagnosing the problem and then purchasing parts and making the repair. Swamp coolers are simpler to operate and repair than other types of air conditioning systems, so many owners make these repairs themselves.


If you own an evaporative cooler, than you may need to indulge in some swamp cooler repair before you can start to use it every summer. The swamp cooler is a water-based device that cools the air by increasing the humidity. There are many complex parts to a swamp cooler, including the water ...


To repair swamp cooler leaks, you need to inspect possible causes of the leakage. Such possible sources of leakage in a swamp cooler and the appropriate measures to correct them are explained below. Step 1 - Get Started. Wear a pair of plastic gloves. Remove the side panels of the cooler that contains the padding.


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Splash some water on your face on a hot day in the summer and you will immediately feel cooler. That's evaporative cooling working. An evaporative cooler works on the same principle - evaporating water provides cooling - but they combine water evaporation with air movement to cool our homes.


The two bearings on my evaporative/swamp cooler were a project I successfully tackled. ... Repair a Swamp Cooler that Shuts Down, Very Easy! - Duration: 8:33. thomas brian 87,950 views.


Repairing a swamp cooler motor is a job that can be easily done with the right tools and the right directions. Below you will find common problems when dealing with swamp cooler motors and how to fix these problems as well. The first thing you will want to do is to locate any leaks that may be ...


A home swamp cooler,or evaporative air conditioner, is an efficient cooling system that you can utilize for your home.If you are in an area that has high humidity though, your swamp cooler may not do as well. Swamp coolers work by making use of padding and water to pull air into pads that are wet down with water, making the air that is blown into your home cooler.