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A forceful impact can cause the sink to crack as well as repeated blows. If a Corian hand-sink cracks, many homeowners feel they have no choice, but to replace the sink. Replacing the hand-sink can be very costly when you factor in the cost of a new sink, an installer and maybe even a plumber.


To repair cracks in a Corian sink, clean the crack with soapy solution and hydrogen peroxide; sand the crack; heat the interior of the crack and surrounding areas; fill the crack with epoxy seam sealer; and sand over crack. Clean the area thoroughly before using the sink.


Cracks in Corian, however, are a different problem, one that most experts recommend leaving to a certified Corian repair specialist. It is possible to repair cracks in a Corian countertop yourself.


The past couple of weeks I have repaired quite a few cracked Corian counter-tops. I really love working with this stuff! Of course it is unfortunate if your counter-top cracks, but the good news is if it's Corian (or any other acrylic solid surface) it is repairable. Now there are two ways to repair a…


Corian Sink Crack Repair; Author: jaz50y (NJ) I have a crack in an integrated Corian sink reacking from the drain to the edge of the bottom. I got a Bondo Tub & Shower Repair Kit, but am having some doubts as there seems to be no info on the web, and nothing in the instructions really addresses making a waterproof sink repair.


I have Corian counters with a double sink in my kitchen. The counters and sink are all one piece. The sinks have started to develop cracks. How do I fix this? Can a new coating be put on the sinks? I would appreciate any advise I can get. Thank you.


However Corian makes epoxy for this as long as the broken crack can be closed with clamps, If you have no ability to do this, your pretty much out of luck. Temporary Corian blocks can be glued to the surface where clamps can be place, but this is something a pro should do. The bigger issue is the crack from a prior seam, or something else.


This video is the first in a series for a field repair done on what appears to be a field joint failure.


The truth is that you can do this repair yourself! To provide some direct contractor experience and tips, we asked Michael Chotiner, a master carpenter who writes about many types of home improvement projects including kitchen updates and repairs, to provide some advice on repairing a cracked solid surface countertop.