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DIY - How To Resize / Add or Remove Links To A Fossil Smart Watch Band, without any special tools. (Not Fossel or Fossle)


Shortening the band of a Fossil watch is an easy task that requires removing links from the band. Although Fossil makes different types of link watch bands, the steps involved in removing links apply to all Fossil bands.


How Do You Remove Links From a Fossil Watch? Turn the watch onto its side and place it on a flat surface. Position a micro screwdriver that matches the width of the watch's pin over the right pin of the link to be removed. Lift both sides of the link and gently push the pin down with the screwdriver. ... Fossil retailers and retail stores ...


The links on Fossil watches are connected by either a split pin or screwed pin; split pins can be pushed through the link, while screwed pins have to be twisted out. If you find your band is fitting a bit loosely, or one of the links becomes tarnished, you can remove it at home.


For all orders there is a $10.00 shipping and handling charge plus any applicable taxes. There is a limited quantity of links, therefore availability cannot be guaranteed. Once the order has been placed, please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your links via Canada Post. You can take your watch to any Fossil store to have these links added to your watch.


If the watch bracelet only has two arrows facing away from each other on opposing sides of the link, you are dealing with a Smartlink Pin. Similar to the hairpin except the pin can be removed from either side. To remove pins from the band you’ll need the Bracelet Holder, Punch Tool and Hammer. SMARTPIN LINKS REMOVING LINKS REASSEMBLING THE ...


SOURCE: remove links from fossil metal band. You may have arrows inside bracelet.Arrows are pointing the way the pins must come out. First you have to find out what sort of pins or even screws are used to keep links together. Examine both bracelet sides and find the side where pin ends have a groove.


Acquiring the tools and knowledge to remove links from the band yourself will help for any future watch or cool strap purchases you make, and likely make you popular among watch-owning, but less ...


How to Remove Watch Band Links. When you find the perfect watch, it's important that it fits you perfectly. Sometimes, it will be necessary to remove links from the watch band in order to get an exact fit. Read the following article to learn how to remove watch band links in order to tailor any watch to the...