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To fix a new perm that is too curly, conditioning with oil and conditioners is a must. Beyond deep moisture treatments, try a few styling options to tame the curls. If neither of these options works, visit the salon for a relaxing treatment, but don't try chemicals at home.


The chemicals used to permanently curl your locks actually change the physical structure of your hair. At-home and salon perms aren’t foolproof, meaning you can wind up with hair that’s far too curly. On top of this, the perm chemicals can lead to dry, unmanageable and frizzy hair.


You could try styling it. Otherwise I don't know what you could do. I know when you get a perm you aren't supposed to shampoo your hair for three days, the stylists tell you that. Maybe if you thought it was too curly at the beginning, you could have shampooed it right away and that might have got rid of some of the curl.


Lose Some Curl After a Perm Q: I just had a perm done yesterday and it is way too curly and I hate to tell my salon lady it is too curly. How do I lose some of the curl for my hair to be less curly to just a nice way? I now have curly wool hair. A: Okay, the thing we have to be clear on here is what is meant by "too curly".


Whether the curl is too tight, you failed at an at-home perm or you simply don’t like the result, dealing with a bad perm doesn’t have to be an annoying or routine-changing task. There are countless ways to tame or rid your strands of a bad perm. As with any remedy, be sure to follow each ...


My new perm is too curly. What can I do to relax it a little? First, condition hair immediately, then blow-dry hair using a large round brush. You may also need to set hair on large rollers. If your perm is still too curly, ask you stylist about a curl reducing service. Never use chemical straighteners or relaxers on permed hair because they ...


Perms can vary greatly in their intensity. Sometimes perms produce loose, gentle waves, whereas other perms may create tight, spiraled curls. If you find that your perm is too tight and you wish to relax it, you can do so with a variety of home remedies.


I got a perm, but it was way too tight — I had to use curling iron on parts to loosen up. What a pain, as I wanted something I could wash and let air-dry. The hairdresser used the biggest perm rollers, and when I asked if she could make curls looser by not leaving the solution on for the entire time, she said that would not work.


When the texture of your hair changes, the types of perms, might tighten or become a little too curly. Thus, you may get a different look than what you paid for. But, don't worry, it's not the end of the world! There are many ways to relax a perm or soften it to make it look natural, by using some effective home remedies.


Countless women have experienced a hair cut that didn't turn out as planned or a perm that went awry. If you have gotten a perm and find that the curls are just too tight, you can take steps to correct it. Here are some ways to loosen a tight perm.