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Programming a Totaline thermostat involves choosing temperature settings for various times of the day and days of the week. Depending on the particular model, the available setting options are a 5-day/2-day program or a 7-day programs with two to four time periods to set for each day.


Totaline makes a wide range of thermostats for your home or business. A thermostat controls your heating and cooling systems from a central panel. Totaline offers thermostats with three basic configurations, each with a different set of instructions for use.


Totaline thermostats are used to control the heating and cooling systems in your house. The digital thermostat allows for several different settings and is programmable by the user. If you want to save on energy costs, you can program the thermostat with different temperature settings for when you are out of the house.


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Totaline 1 For All Owner's Manual . Programmable digital thermostat. ... Thermostat TOTALINE P710U--21NHP Installation Instructions Manual. ... Indication Indicates the program number: Occupied 1,2,3, or Unoccupied. Page 8-11. Setup Indication Indicates the thermostat is in the programming mode.


How can I program my totaline thermostat? It is set to housecode 1, but does not go into programming mode following the - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician


Select ‘YES’ if you would like your thermostat to be programmable, then the Program mode will be accessible through the use of the MODE button. This is the default, factory setting. When the very simplest operation is desired, this thermostat may TOTALINE


- if NO, program different schedule for Tuesday (repeat steps 2-7) 9. Repeat step 8 until finished, then exit the program mode the same way you entered it. Carrier Electronics Programmable Thermostats (Thermidistat, P274-1100, etc.) 1. Press Program to enter time schedule programming. 2. Press Change Day until you get to the desired day. 3.


Press the “set” or “program” button. Once you have the date and time programmed, you are ready to program the thermostat’s schedule. Some brands will have an actual “program” button, whereas others may require you to scroll past the time and date information by hitting the “set” button several times.