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Make sure you have all of the pieces you need to play Tiddlywinks. These should be in the game itself upon purchase, and you will need all of them to play it right. Winks are small plastic discs that you try to get into the pot. The squidger is a larger piece of round, thicker plastic that you use to propel smaller discs into the pot.


How to play tiddlywinks? To play tiddlywinks you will need six ‘winks’ (that is, four small and two large counters) of each colour (red, yellow, blue, green), a felt mat measuring 1.8m by 0.9,. a pot, an ‘squidgers’ (small circular discs).


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Tiddlywinks is a game played on a flat felt mat with sets of small discs called "winks", a pot, which is the target, and a collection of squidgers, which are also discs. Players use a "squidger" (nowadays made of plastic) to shoot a wink into flight by flicking the squidger across the top of a wink and then over its edge, thereby propelling it into the air.


Tiddly winks when I was a kid...you used the disc to press on the small ones, and they would pop us and you try and aim them into the cup. These discs when we press on the small one edge, they only slide across the table no matter what you do what angle you use, or force, they just slide along and never get airborne to even get them into the cup.


Best Answer: Yes, my brother and I played tiddlywinks quite a bit when we were kids. I bet my dad still has the game stashed on a shelf in his garage somewhere.


When you think of Tiddlywinks, you probably think it’s a game for kids but it's just as much fun for adults. These steps will help you become a Tiddlywinks master. Like all table games, Tiddlywinks has its own special kit. You need: Six "winks". These are four small and two large counters of each ...