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Thoroughly clean the stove using window cleaner. You can use other types of cleaner if you wish, but do not use oil-based cleaners when cleaning the stove; the appliance paint will not adhere to it.


A. YES you can paint your stove. I've done many of them and depending on your stove you may not even need a high temp paint. Using an infrared heat probe on a digital multi meter I found most stove tops do not go over 120 degrees Fahrenheit with the oven on 500 and all four stove eyes on high for one hour.


The job does have potential pitfalls, however. Using the wrong paint, improperly prepared appliances and bad application techniques will cause the paint to peel. There's no quick fix when this happens. The paint must be removed and the process must be repeated. Painting a kitchen stove the right way requires a steady hand and a dose of patience.


How to Use Enamel Paint on a Stove. Painting your stove may seem like a giant undertaking, but it's actually quite simple. Choose an enamel paint designed for stoves because of its heat-resistance, durability, and easy-to-clean finish....


However, you do need to use a heat-resistant paint for the stove top, and there is no food-safe paint for inside a heated stove. Whether you're on a budget and working with a less-than-perfect ...


I have a gas range (gas stove - indoor) for cooking, and the metal grate that goes over the top has some areas of rust. If I was to sand down the rusty areas, would it be advisable to paint it with a high-temperature rated paint, such as Rutland 1200 Degree Brush-on Stove Paint or Black Porcelain Repair Enamel?


Use a sweeping motion to cover an area of the stove in 1 streak. Continue to cover the surface in 1-stroke sweeps until it is covered. Do not keep your hand on the spray nozzle the whole time you are painting, and do not use a circular motion, as this will cause the paint to be unevenly distributed.


Kitchen ranges require special high-temperature stainless steel paint, so if your stove is part of your plan, it’s best to paint all your appliances with Liquid Stainless Steel, which is designed for this kind of application.(Keep in mind that glass-top stoves can’t be painted on the cooking surface.)