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You were issued a Watkins ID number when you joined. Your ID number will appear on your order invoice or confirmation emails. Customers can also find their ID on the back cover of their catalog.


Because the link uses data-open-modal (instead of an href anchor) nothing appears in the address bar. You also can't use the back/forward buttons to close or reopen the modal. However, if you know the ID of the modal, you can still manually type the anchor link in your address bar and it will open (handy for client previews).


Click Here to Order Watkins Products Online Click Here for Telephone or Mail-In Orders. The links above take you to the official Watkins online catalog. Your order will be shipped directly from Watkins to you. Shipping is FREE on orders over $99.00 U.S. (or over $125.00 Canadian). Applicable sales taxes will be added to your order.


Did you know you can join Watkins for only $29.95 as a customer to receive discounts on your own purchases! Canada Watkins Price Lists. July Featured Products Flyer—Canada; July Price List of All Products—Canada; JR Watkins Catalog - —Canada * Join Watkins for Business and have complete flexibility on how many hours you work per week. The ...


Thank you again. I truly love Watkins products and my family has used them from the time I was a little girl in the 40s and 50s. A cousin and neighbor sold Watkins products at that time and my grandmother swore that Watkins was the best. Marilyn from Missouri. Another gift I have given is the Peppermint Foot Scrub and Peppermint Foot Cream.


Join Now — You can start today to begin earning income as soon as possible. When you join, you'll be an official "Independent Watkins Consultant," with complete flexibility over how you build your business and how much effort you put in. You'll get free access to our extensive training website, webinars, podcasts, and other support.


Yes, I’d be honored if you choose me to be your personal Consultant. How may I best assist you with your order? You can browse all Watkins products and place your order here: Watkins online store. You can request a real paper catalog below. Do you prefer to talk to a real person? Call me toll-free at 1-866-452-6948 I’ll be happy to answer ...


How You Earn Money with Watkins. Watkins rewards you when your efforts result in more families using Watkins products. There are three main ways this happens. You can use the products yourself, help other people obtain the products, and/or establish a group of other associates.


If you cannot find a Watkins associate in your area, you can still request a catalog and set up a customer account to order directly from the company at www.watkinsonline.com. Select "Request a catalog" from the left menu to request a catalog or information about becoming a home-based sales associate.


1. Order Watkins Products ONLINE: You can visit WATKINS ONLINE (Click on the flag for Canada or USA) to browse over 350 products, view specials and promotions and place your order securely online with the Online Ordering System. Just view the items, add them to your shopping cart and hit "Checkout" when you are done.