The most essential criteria in choosing a suitable material for slipcovers are strength, stability and wash ability, explains Carl Dellatore, the owner of D and F Workroom, to Martha Stewart. Thin fabrics, such as silk t... More » Home & Garden Furniture Beds & Mattresses

The most basic method for making chair slipcovers includes laying out the fabric, cutting it to create the desired contour lines, pinning the fabric, and sewing it together. An alternative method is to substitute spray a... More » Home & Garden Furniture

To make an inexpensive slipcover for a recliner, cover the recliner with a king size bed sheet that matches your decor, secure the sheet, gather and pin it in position, and sew the gathers with a ribbon color that comple... More »

The benefits of using Buckshot tires include ability to ride on all terrain, durability, and stability and strength. Buckshot tires also have a unique self cleaning lug which ensures utmost traction at all times. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Tires, Rims & Wheels

Nylon is a synthetic, fibrous material that is known for its high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and chemical stability. It is a very resilient fiber that is often used to make cords and ropes that need to support... More »

Interfacing is a material that is used to add stability and strength to an area of fabric. It typically reinforces buttonholes, collars, hems, cuffs and waistbands, but may be used inside larger items such as bedspreads.... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Sewing reviewers give sectional slipcover company OctoRose four stars for the quality of its slipcovers. Reviewers on this site also rate sectional slipcover company FineHome a four-star manufacturer. More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating