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You can make liquid shoe stretch solution at home using items you may already have in your medicine cabinet. Leather shoes respond well to stretching with a liquid shoe stretch solution. Plastic or wooden shoe stretchers can also be inserted into shoes that have been treated with the solution to help stretch the material of the shoe.


Does anyone know what ingredients you can use to make homemake liquid shoe stretch. The products you purchase at the shoe repair shops really work but are very expensive for a little bottle. Thanks, Flame from Toronto, Ontario. Answers: Homemade Liquid Shoe Stretch. I only know a very old way to stretch shoes and it has always worked for me.


The spray liquids work on the material and soften it to some extent. It is good to buy a tight little shoe because materials like sponge and leather seem to loosen up after little use. A variety of shoe stretcher spray is available online as well as retail store. Here are few guidelines which will help you to pick an efficient Spray stretch.


My question is, how to go about using that shoe stretching liquid in the little red bottle. Do you apply it to the outside of the shoe? That would make sense since that is the shoe leather you want to stretch. However, I have seen posts where folks say to apply it on the inside of the shoe. Also, do you apply it every day?


Shake the shoe stretching liquid, and hold the bottle upright, about seven inches away from the shoes. Pick one shoe to do first. Spray an even layer of liquid onto the vinyl, or non-leather, surface of the shoe you picked to stretch first. Stop spraying before the liquid begins to run, but spray a layer heavy enough that the shoe is visibly wet.


Shoe stores often sell sprays, so you can ask someone at a store what kind of spray works best with the particular shoe you plan to purchase. Some types of shoe spray can be made with a formula that is designed to soften and help stretch stiff materials.


Thanks to some of the tricks and tactics that can actually help you to stretch your tight foot-wear at home itself. Do you know how to make a homemade shoe stretcher without investing a penny? Sounds surprising, right? It is attainable right at your home with small things.


The best shoe stretcher and best shoe-stretch spray is the Foot Matters spray, which you use on shoes and let dry for a half-size stretch. I even walked a mile and danced an hour in them.


Stretching out leather shoes can be done by industrial machines or by using homemade stretching solutions. Learn more about stretching out leather shoes with tips from a shoe repair expert in this ...