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Some of the things that slow balloon cars down, that you have to overcome, are their own weight, air resistance, friction, and inefficient use of the air escaping the balloon. Reducing weight, minimizing drag, cutting friction and improving nozzle air flow will all help make your balloon car go faster.


If you want to make a balloon car, use scissors cut a rectangle out of cardboard. Cut 2 pieces of straw a little wider than the cardboard and tape them to the cardboard, then slide 2 pieces of wood into the straws to hold the wheels. Punch a hole in the tops of 4 bottle caps to act as the wheels and slide them onto the wooden sticks.


To make a fast balloon car, attach four straws together, and wrap the end of a balloon around all four. Attach the entire contraption to your car. Gather materials. For the balloon contraption, you need a balloon, four straws and masking tape.


What You Do: The water bottle forms the chassis, or body, of your balloon car. You can start by mounting the wheels on this body. Stretch out a large balloon by blowing it up and then letting the air out of it a few times. Next, make a nozzle. The size of the nozzle is very important.


4-Wheel Balloon Car 1 Here’s what you need to make your 4-Wheel Balloon Car! Jet •Balloon •Flexible straw •Rubber band or tape Body (Select one) •Water bottle •Toilet-paper tube •Juice box •Disposable cup (paper or plastic) •Fast-food or deli “clamshell” container (where the top and bottom connect with a seam in the back)


Push the jet into place so that the straw’s balloon end pokes out the top and the open end pokes out the back. Make sure the straw at the back is as parallel to the floor or tabletop as possible. If it points up, down, or to the side, your car won’t move as fast or far as if the jet points straight back.


Start your (balloon) engines! Learn how you can power a toy car with air--and a little knowledge of physics. Then challenge a friend to a race! Credit: George Retseck It might not seem like it at ...


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