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Flip the headboard back so that the fabric is on the floor. Starting at the top center and pulling tightly as you go, staple the fabric to the wood. When you reach the corners, fold the fabric neatly, as you would wrapping paper. Once the entire headboard is covered, trim any excess fabric. ... Step Eight // How to Make an Upholstered Headboard ...


7. Apply trim around the edges of the headboard with a glue gun. 8. Fuse pattern onto coordinating fabric. Cut out the pattern, remove the paper backing and iron the design onto the headboard, pillows, dust ruffle or other accessories. 9. Attach the headboard to the wall with self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape.


We used a sheet of plywood, thick foam, quilt batting, fabric, roofing nails, and button cover kits to create a budget-friendly headboard for a large, king-sized bed. The headboard is mounted on ...


Designer Cassandra Ellis creates a beautiful fabric-covered padded headboard. You Will Need. 9mm plywood cut to size. DIY stores with wood-cutting machines can do this for you.


Have you ever wondered how to make a tufted headboard?. I (and by ‘I’, I mean ‘We’ :-)) made a giant; king size tufted headboard and boy, do I LOVE it! I DIY-ed a headboard before (see it HERE), but it wasn’t real-tufted, it was fake-tufted. 🙂 This lovely piece is the real deal, guys.During the process, I covered buttons, drilled all the holes and sweated for hours to get this ...


First, measure the width of your bed and decide how high to make the headboard. Remember that the box spring, mattress, and decorative pillows will cover up part of the headboard, so you may want to add more height to compensate. I recommend having the bottom of the fabric-covered wood headboard start at the top of the box spring Total height ...


You’ll want something under the fabric to make it extra cushiony. The design makes it look like a daybed or couch, which is really neat. You just cover and tack or staple into place and you can cut the plywood for any size so it doesn’t matter what size your bed is, you can make this headboard for it.


Inside: Learn how to make a fabric headboard with tufting for a really high end look. This DIY upholstered headboard uses pegboard to make the spacing of your tufted buttons really easy and doesn't require any sewing. Post includes step-by-step instructions for how to make your own headboard and a list of supplies for your DIY tufted headboard.


Build, DIY, Furniture How To Make A Diamond Tufted Headboard. Diamond tufted headboards are stunning, but so prohibitively expensive that I wasn’t sure I would ever gain one for my home.Years later with my money still in my pocket, and much new DIY experience under my belt, I’m happy to say that I actually MADE that headboard of my dreams and I’ll be sharing all the details to help you ...


The follow-up to our upholstered daybed for the Oregon Street of Dreams. We'll show you step-by-step how to create your own upholstered headboard. This technique can apply to any flat section of ...