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If you want a larger bow tie, cut a larger rectangle of fabric. Use a 3 to 1 ratio for length and width and make the length twice the desired length of the finished bow tie. For example, if you want your bow tie to be 6 by 4 in (15 by 10 cm), then cut out a fabric rectangle that is 12 by 4 in (30 by 10 cm).


How to Make a Bow Tie Out of a Necktie by Neil Gladstone ; Updated September 28, 2017. The ability to turn a necktie into a bow tie opens up great options in a man's or woman’s wardrobe. Perhaps you have a long tie that would look better as a bow tie, or maybe there’s a formal event to attend that requires a bow tie and you don’t have one


You don't want, depending on the kind of finish you have on your bow tie, you might want to adjust the length so that you have enough width to tie the knot and make it easy for yourself. So this ...


Straighten the bow tie. As soon as you finish, the bow tie will likely be crooked, but you can easily twist the loop at the front and back bows to get it into the proper position. This may require pulling the flat ends slightly to loosen the bow tie, then repositioning it before tightening it again. Make sure the tie is fastened tightly.


Disclaimer: This guide assumes you have access to a sewing machine and at least a basic understanding of how to use it, or have access to someone who can help you with using a machine. Things You’ll Need To Make A Bow Tie. Learn How To Make This Bow Tie: At least ¼ of a yard of fabric (this should make roughly 1-2 bow ties)


How to Tie a Bow Tie. About the Bow Tie . The bow tie is a descendant of the knotted cravat. It was born from the need for neckwear that was easier to wear than the cravat and that would last throughout a more active day. By the end of the 19th century, the butterfly and batwing bow tie were commonplace. ...


How to Make a Clip-on Bow Tie: Clip-on bow-ties are a quick way to add a suave retro touch to any collared shirt! Slip one in your back-pack, man-bag, pocketbook, or jacket pocket for any fashion or flirting emergency. They are great one hour projects, as they have minimal co...


Now tie it on and admire your masterpiece! For a guide to tying the perfect bow, check out my handy instructions on tying a bow tie. I hope you had fun making your own bow tie. Do you have any tips or suggestions that help make even nicer bow ties? Then please leave a comment below — by Sarah J. Montoro


You didn’t miss it! I didn’t include the second bow tie in the post. Since you only use the end of the tie, you can make another bow tie from the middle section. It will be a bit slimmer, and you might have to unpick the necktie and adjust the width, but you can definitely get two.