To make stencils, open the picture in Microsoft Word, make it black and white, adjust brightness to get the desired effect and then print the stencil. Almost all images can become a stencil using these steps in Word. More »

To create free printable alphabet stencils, type the letters in a word-processing program or insert images of letters in a desired font. Ensure the letters are large enough to cut out once they are printed. Free alphabet... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

To make alphabet stencils, type the letters. Tape each printed letter to clear acetate, and cut along the outline. Dispose of the excess, and repeat the process for each letter. More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing

To make a stencil for letters of the alphabet, choose a font in a word processing program and print out the desired letters. Change the font size to make larger or smaller letters. More »

To print labels in Microsoft Word 2010 or newer versions, click on the Labels icon under the Mailings tab, insert the labels into the manual feeder of the printer, and click Print. As of 2015, Microsoft Word allows users... More » Technology Software

Microsoft Word is a program that allows users to type, edit, save and print documents or share them through email. Microsoft Word also offers a variety of free templates that assists users in creating different types of ... More »

Microsoft Word is the de facto word processor for businesses and many governments. Its file format is standard for business communication. However, many groups are turning away from it. More »