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How To Make Turkey Brine For Your Smoked Turkeys. For the best results, putting together a good smoked turkey brine makes all the difference. Combining everything in a bucket and stirring works, but isn't the best method. By simmering the salt and seasonings first, your brined turkey will be a smoked masterpiece.


This recipe for how to make a brined & smoked turkey will give you the juiciest, most succulent smoked turkey ever! Brining helps it stay extra moist, while applewood smoke creates the most flavorful turkey ever! Make your brined & smoked turkey using an electric smoker which makes it super easy, which means more time to relax or work on the ...


Make Smoked Turkey That Looks Good, Tastes Great! When you create a succulent smoked turkey at home, you'll not only feel satisfaction for a job well done, but you'll satisfy your hunger pangs with a gourmet treat. Smoking a whole turkey isn't easy, but the results make the effort all worth while.


You’ve got big plans for a perfect, smoked turkey dinner. Don’t let the flavor fall flat by skipping on a vital step of preparing your turkey: brining. Use a brine before smoking to help keep meat moist while cooking and to add flavor.


Though it's not absolutely necessary, taking the time to brine your bird legs before you smoke them will add flavor and moisture. You can either make a wet brine (soaking the legs in a salt water solution) or a dry brine (sprinkling the legs directly with salt). If using a wet brine, make sure you cool it completely before adding your turkey legs.


How to Brine a Turkey. Your bird needs to be in the apple spice turkey brine for at least 1 hour for each pound of turkey. You can brine in a large stock pot, in a big zip top bag, or in a small cooler, just be sure the turkey stays submerged and that the brine temperature stays below 40 degrees F.Once your turkey is brined, be sure to rinse the bird thoroughly and clean your sink and ...


How to make brined and smoked turkey legs complete with my very own brine recipe and plenty of pictures. ... I love to brine the turkey legs and if you've never done this, it's a simple process and I'll explain what it is and how to do it. Needless to say, the resulting product makes it worth the time and the effort. ...


How to Smoke Turkey Legs Turkey legs tend to hold in moisture longer than a turkey breast because of the naturally dark meat. However, we still recommend brining your turkey legs in this smoked turkey legs recipe because turkey is so low in fat. Brining the turkey legs will make sure you have a tender, moist dish that you are proud to serve to your guests.


"Best brine for smoked turkey around. This recipe was given to me by my uncle. He is always smoking meat. EDITOR'S NOTE: This recipe uses canning or kosher salt, not table salt. Using table salt in this amount will make the brine too salty."