You can locate a ham radio operator by searching for the name or call sign in the Federal Communications Commission license register at You can often locate foreign operators by searching on You can fi... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Individuals who operate a ham radio must possess one of three licenses: a Technician Class license, a General Class license, or an Amateur Extra Class license. The Technician Class provides the operator the fewest privil... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A ham radio call sign is a combination of letters and numbers that identifies licensed radio amateurs and their license locations. Call signs consist of a prefix that identifies the location and a suffix that is unique t... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Under Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, regulations, it is illegal to increase the power output of any CB, or citizen's band, radio. Power output of CB radios is limited to 4 watts only. More »

The requirements for antennas designed to operate with a ham radio depend on what bands the operator wishes to access. Height, size and configuration are primary considerations for any antenna designed to work with a ham... More » Technology Audio Equipment

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Renew a ham or amateur radio license by completing the form online at the Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Licensing System or by submitting a paper application. The FCC accepts renewal applications 90 days ... More » Technology Audio Equipment