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If you’re an employer of any size, it’s important to prioritize workplace safety in order to protect both your employees and your financial assets. Fortunately, there is a simple method for developing a viable workplace safety program. Here’s an easy formula for designing and implementing a workplace safety program.


Workplace safety requires more than just giving your employees some information and leaving it at that. You have to create a safety learning culture at your organization. Training Programs: Teach your employees how to apply and practice what they’ve learned about workplace safety and apply it to their daily decision-making.


So you want to develop a workplace safety training program. Okay, you do not so much want as you are required to. Like most business owners. But you’re not the type to neglect things like employee safety. Because you know well that training for safety is the most cost-effective way to protect your most precious asset: your workforce.


Here’s the Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know to help you inform your own workers and create a workplace safety environment based on shared responsibility: 1) Be Aware Of Your Surroundings. This step requires knowing the particular hazards of your job or workplace.


Want to write a successful workplace safety quiz? Learn from the experts how to boost the effectiveness of your safety presentations and employee training! ... In this way, the testing process becomes part of the learning. Do you have any tips or tricks for successful workplace safety quizzes? Leave them in the comments! Topics: Safety Training ...


Many business owners believe that an injury is something that the business needn’t worry about, others believe that implementing a system focused on improving safety in the workplace will break the bank. Learn what you can do to improve safety without spending a bundle from Nova Medical Centers.


If you choose productivity over safety, then you send the wrong message to your workers. You want workers to share your vision of a safe workplace and be engaged and active in making that happen.


Be it a workplace disaster or a violent crime, when your employees' safety is compromised, you need to be prepared to keep them safe. Here are seven ways to be prepared.


Workplace safety needs to be a top priority not only for employers but the employees as well. Miners, or employees who may work in confined spaces, may be at more risk than those who work in open offices, but it is important to ensure that places of employment are safe for everyone involved.


Through proper workplace safety analysis and planning, you can pinpoint areas that might need special attention in regards to your employees’ safety and wellness. As you have read, the importance of workplace safety cannot be overstated. Therefore, the sooner you begin creating a safer work environment, the better.