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Dry-fit the treads and risers. Never force a tread or riser into place. If it's too snug, remove and trim it as necessary. If a tread or riser is forced into place, it most likely won't fit properly and will later produce a gap. Back-cut a slight angle on the riser ends approximately 1/4 inch behind the face.


How to Install Oak Stair Treads and Risers. The first question most DIYers ask when installing stairs for the first time is, “Do you install the risers or the stair treads first?” The correct answer is to install the riser first. The reason is that you want a nice snug fit along the riser with the tread above it.


How to Install a Stair Tread & Riser. Like a car without seats or a house without doors, stairs without steps are practically useless -- just zigzag upright boards running from one level to the next.


Have you ever wondered whether the riser or the tread should be installed first when assembling your stairway? Well, in this video you will get a pretty good idea why the stairway riser is usually ...


If you install the tread first and then put in the riser, the riser will add stability to the tread by holding down the back of the tread; then it isn't just all on the nails and glue. This could theoretically matter if you had two adults step on the front of the same stair at the same time, especially if they are running down the stairs.


I want to install interior stair treads and risers on an enclosed wall stairway. This is new construction with 3/4′ CDX plywood screwed down on the stringers. I plan to use 1″ solid oak treads and 5/8″ plywood oak for the risers. I am not sure what is the best way to secure them. Do I finish nail the treads and risers, glue only or nail ...


We repeated the same procedure for the stair treads. Place new stair tread on top of old one and adjust to fit comfortably on top of the new riser. Measure and cut to fit. Repeat the same process with the PL glue and place down securely. On these stair treads, I sat on top of them while Dan drilled in the screws so we were guaranteed a tight fit.


Buy retro treads, stair treads, risers, and other stair parts for your staircase project, direct from the manufacturer. Over 9100 different stair parts in dozens of wood species and sizes. Unfinished and prefinished stair parts are available in several stain colors available online.


Do work at least one riser ahead before installing treads. Installing two risers is one way to ensure proper strength and performance. The important thing is to remember to install riser, tread, riser, tread or install the risers first. Do use both adhesives and fasteners when possible. This will prevent movement.