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Note: Pole height can vary a bit depending on how high you want your clothesline to be. Most poles are around 6' to 7-1/2' in height and can be found at your local True Value hardware store. In the end, you want the clothesline to be at the average height of a person or a couple inches taller to make it easy to hang clothes on.


Hang Your Clothes to Dry. When pinning the laundry, fold some of the fabric over the clothesline before adding the pin. This will give the fabric a better grip on the clothesline and prevent it from falling to the ground when the wind blows.


After you get some experience hanging clothes on a clothesline, you may want to try these tips in order to speed things along. Before I put the clothes in the laundry basket to take them outside, I quickly sort them on top of the washer or dryer. This doesn’t need to be done perfectly and it will get easier the more you do it.


Hanging Pants on a Clothesline . Match the inner leg seams together and pin the hems of the legs to the line with the waist hanging down. If you have lots of line space, you can pin one leg to one line and the other leg to the adjacent line to speed drying time.


How to Hang Clothes On A Clothesline, Part 2. This post is part 2 of our article, How To Hang Clothes On A Clothesline. If you missed part 1, you can find it here!. The way you hang your clothes on a clothesline can make a huge difference with regard to wrinkles, softness and how quickly various clothes items dry. When you have wrinkles in fabric it causes the clothes to be rough.


How to Use a Clothesline. Before dryers became popular, people used to hang their clothes from clotheslines to dry. Today, many are returning to this practice, especially since using a clothesline can cut residential energy costs by...


Setting Up a Pulley Clothesline Jason Rivas. ... A quick breakdown of how to set up a pulley-based clothesline using trees as the end posts. ... An Amish Clothesline (5 Reasons to Hang Laundry in ...


I wanted to put up a clothesline first because it is one of the most used things in my home. I'm going to work to create an indoor one to go over the tub for rainy days. This is a huge start to ...


When building your clothesline, you want to make sure that it is the proper height. You don't want the clothesline to be too tall so that you can't easily hang your clothes. On the other hand, you don't want the line to be too low so that larger items, such as blankets and sheets, touch the ground.


This clothesline is super simple. If you have a fence line on either side of your yard, or simply two posts, then you can easily install this clothesline. All you’ll need to do is put a hook on either side. Then attach the clothesline to both hooks when in use. Finally, you’ll take down the clothesline when not in use. Try this clothesline ...