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Unfortunately, the German missions in the United States cannot issue birth certificates. How to obtain a birth certificate from Germany (if born on a US Military Base) If you are a US citizen and if you were born in a US Military Hospital, your birth was not registered with German authorities (i.e. the registrar's office).


These documents are filed in Washington. We also do not keep any files of German civil documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. Other records, such as birth certificates of people born in the U.S. are stored in the state of origin. This page is designed to help you locate the vital documents you need.


Getting a copy of your birth certificate from another jurisdiction within the United States is relatively straightforward, but retrieving one from another country usually involves a few more steps. If you were born in Germany, for example, you can't request a copy from the central government.


FAQ - Birth and Death Certificates Can you please tell me how I can obtain German birth or death certificates? Records regarding birth, death and marriage are normally kept by the Standesamt (the municipality offices) where the event occurred.. Most cities have websites at www.(nameofcity).de where you can find the contact information for the appropriate Standesamt.


If you need a copy, where you were born will determine how to get it. Birth Certificate Copies: Born in the U.S. Contact the vital records office in the state where you were born to get a copy of your birth certificate. Follow the instructions for requesting copies and paying fees.


How Do You Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate From Germany? Those born in the Federal Republic of Germany or the former German Democratic Republic, can obtain birth certificates by writing to the applicable Standesamt office in Germany, explains the German Missions in the United States.


German birth certificates, Vital Records, German marriage certificates from Standesamt: Official documents from Germany. Germany Service offers a large number of different and dependable services from Germany and Austria. Our customers are from all over the world and and have a lot of trust in our services.


How to obtain a birth certificate from Germany. To obtain a birth certificate from the Federal Republic of Germany, you must contact the competent German agency (i.e. the “Standesamt” or Registrar's Office). Your letter should be addressed to the Standesamt of the place (Village, Township, City) where you were born.


Though it's often easier for on-the-move military families to lose a birth certificate, the replacement process is just the same as for civilians. To get a new copy, you'll need to contact your birth state's vital records department, or the U.S. consulate or embassy if you were born abroad.


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