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Limit salt intake, manage allergies, change sleep positions, remove makeup before bed, drink alcohol cautiously and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays to reduce under-eye bags. Use cool compresses on the eyes, such as cucumbers, tea bags or chilled spoons, to ease p...


To reduce puffiness under the eyes, stay hydrated, apply a topical solution and avoid salt. Sometimes under-eye puffiness is hereditary. If this is the case, sometimes medical intervention is necessary.


To get rid of bags under your eyes, support the skin beneath your eyes by correcting the problems related to circulation, allergies or thin skin. Blood and other fluid building up under the eyes are the chief culprits for these bags.


Bags under the eyes are caused by age-related loss of elasticity in the muscles and tissue structures in the facial region, which allows the fat in the eyelid area to move into the area below the eyes, notes Mayo Clinic. Other causes include the accumulation of fluid th...


To get rid of undereye circles, sleep with two pillows, apply a cold compress, and lighten the skin with natural ingredients. Select the appropriate eye cream based on the underlying cause, and take a multivitamin.


According to WebMd, the best treatment for the bruising that accompanies a black eye is to apply an ice pack for 10 minutes and then remove the ice for 10 minutes to prevent damaging the surrounding skin. The cold compress stops the bleeding under the skin and limits th...


A cool compress can help treat bags under the eyes, as can sleeping with the head elevated to prevent fluid pooling in the eye area, according to Mayo Clinic. Some under-eye bags are caused by allergies and can be treated with over-the-counter allergy medications or red...