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More common as you age is under-eye puffiness — also referred to as bags under the eyes, puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. It’s usually not a problem that requires medical attention, but the question is, how to get rid of bags under eyes?


If you're in a hurry, you can get rid of bags under your eyes by applying concealer that's one shade lighter to the area under your eyes. If you don't have concealer, try placing chilled cucumber slices over your eyes, or try placing a steeped teabag on each eye for a few minutes.


Wondering how to get rid of bags under your eyes? You could try one of the many beauty products on the market that claim to de-puff and lighten this area of the face, but they don’t always work.


Make no mistake: Maintenance is key. I've gone through periods where I stop micro-needling (for reasons mostly having to do with laziness) only for those under-eye bags to start creeping in again. It's your choice whether to embrace them or roll them away again—I can vouch for both.


UPDATED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRw5XUUui5g Get rid of Dark Under Eye Circles and Remove Bags Under Eyes super fast with these easy DIY At Hom...


Do you have eyebags, and have you tried everything to get rid of it and failed? We have few solutions that could work for anybody. Here are 3 exercise routines to get rid of eyebags, and eye bag ...


Bags under eyes are usually a cosmetic concern and rarely a sign of a serious underlying medical condition. At-home remedies, such as cool compresses, can help improve the appearance of bags under eyes. For persistent or bothersome under-eye puffiness, eyelid surgery may be an option.


Removing Eye Bags With Surgery. For patients whose eye bags are caused by bulging or excess fat under the eyes, Drs. Cohen and Swartz typically recommend a surgical procedure to get rid of the bags. In an eye bag surgery, the doctors remove and/or adjust fat under the eyes to eliminate the bags.


Once you weaken the delicate area around your eyes, it's more likely to sink into a pouch. If you do tie one on, drink water before you go to bed and use a moisturizer around your eyes. Swipe to ...


The easiest way to get rid of puffy eyes is to drink water. When the body is well hydrated, there is less chance of water retention that can cause your under-eye area and other parts of your body to swell. Water also helps flush toxins out of the body.