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Ridges happen for many reasons. If they run vertically from your cuticles to the tips of your nails, you likely have nothing to worry about. These are very common and don't usually indicate any problems. One possible cause of vertical nail ridges is aging. As you get older, your body's natural oil production slows down.


How Do You Get Rid of Nail Ridges? The easiest way to get rid of nail ridges is to buff them out. Changing the diet may also help the ridges not form again. Nail ridges could be a sign of more serious conditions, such as heart attack or diabetes. A person with nail ridge issues should see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.


If you have recently observed these strange vertical lines on your nails, I am sure you are wondering “what are these lines on my nails and How To get rid of these Vertical Ridges”. Worry not, you are not alone, there are many on-board with you as these ridges on nails are quite common.


With the popularity of gel nails and glitter polishes, it might seem impossible to ever achieve totally healthy nails. Fortunately, with these tips for how to get rid of fingernail ridges, you can ...


Ridges in Fingernails – What Do They Mean and Home Remedies To Get Rid April 12, 2012 by Karishma Offlate while removing my nail polish I noticed these straight lines on my fingernails.


There are certain home remedies like mentioned below, that you may use to get rid of nail ridges. Avoid Any Nail Injuries If you hurt your nail accidentally or it gets injured, it would directly impact the nail plate and surrounding tissues and will adversely affect your nail’s health.


Nail ridges don’t always signal a larger problem, though. “Remember, vertical ridges are like gray hair. You can expect to see more of them as you grow older,” Kechijian stresses.


Do not be anxious about your vertical lines on nails because in this article, we will thoroughly bring you the causes of getting vertical ridges on fingernails, and how to prevent and cure them. How to get rid of ridges in nails?


Introduction. In order to determine how to get rid of nail ridges, one must first diagnose the type of ridges. Are they vertical or horizontal? This answer is the first step into combating these ridges. How do you deal with Horizontal Nail Ridges?


Dented toenail ridges may be located along the nail plate, and you can probably have more than one dents on your toenail. How to get rid of horizontal toenail ridges. Toenail ridges may tempt you to do some nail buffing. However, this is not an advised treatment to do with any toenail ridges, as it may weaken the nails. Excessive buffing may ...