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This is a guide about getting rid of mockingbirds.vWhile some people enjoy the varied song and antics of the mockingbird, others view them as too noisy and territorial. If you are part of the second camp then you may be looking for a way to encourage them to move on.


To get rid of Mockingbirds, you need to be ready and prepare the following tools that you will use in every step. These are the weapons for your battle. 1. Super Soaker: Good thing I bought my son a massive water gun on his birthday. Water hose in your garden could be useful and the Nerf gun too. 2.


How to Get Rid of Mockingbirds By Sarah Coennen ... If the mockingbird is the only real concern, there is nothing you can do other than chase after it with a broom or super-soaker. Other methods of repelling birds include loud sounds, like a shotgun, and stuffed or silhouetted owls and/or hawks.


It is illegal to interfere with nesting mockingbirds and other species that are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If a mockingbird is disrupting you during nesting season, and your attempts to deter them from your property are ineffective, soft foam earplugs can help you get through the season.


By attracting these larger birds to a separate area of your yard, you give all the smaller songbirds an opportunity to eat in peace and get the nutrients they need. By placing this diversion feeder 20 feet away from your other feeder, you’re making it difficult for this one mockingbird to guard two places at once.


So, have you ever tried to get rid of these birds and felt guilty? Then this blog post is for you; how to get rid of mockingbirds in 5 simple ways will teach you both how to co-exist with these birds and also some tactics on how to fool them, so they flee their settlement.


RE: Mockingbird attacks. anyone know how to get rid of them? - Briskbas - 04-10-2012 12:24 PM It's probably a pair, and they probably have a nest full of eggs that they are protecting, and they probably started attacking you and your family when you got too close to the nest.


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