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Setting your homepage to Google is done through the web browser's "tools" or "settings" function. It varies depending on the browser being used. If using Google Chrome, the homepage is already set to Google unless it was changed. Every web browser has a function in the menu options that allows the user to change the homepage.


Get instant access to search and more every time you open your browser by setting your homepage to Google.


Type www.google.com into the "Enter custom web address" field. This field is below the New Tab page option, which is near the bottom of the "Show home button" section.. In some cases, there will already be a web address listed here. If so, remove the web address before entering Google's URL.


Get instant access to search and more every time you open your browser by setting your homepage to Google. Skip to content. Make Google your homepage Get instant access to search, every time you ...


Google is stuck as my homepage. Google won't change your homepage settings without your permission. Reset your homepage. Choose a browser above, then follow the steps to replace Google with the site you want as your homepage. Check for unwanted programs. If resetting your homepage doesn't fix the problem, you might have unwanted programs called ...


How Do I Get My Old Homepage Back? Homepages are useful as a primary location for all of your web browsing. The most popular are Google, Yahoo, Bing or simply a blank page (about:blank).


How Do I Change My Browser Home Page Back to What I Want? ... if you want to use Ask Leo! as your home page, navigate to https://askleo.com. While on that page, click on the gear icon on the top right of the IE toobar, ... Google Chrome. Google Chrome’s home page setting is somewhat more hidden.


How to restore Google as a homepage instead of Bing Original title: bing bing suddenly showed up on my home page int ex 3 days ago I always had google after following your inst to rid this bing and restore google int exp now clicks up this page can not be found int exp is now use less to me since this bing infiltrated my comp how do I restore ...


Your homepage is the one that you go to when you click Home . If your start-up page, homepage or search engine has suddenly changed, you may have unwanted software. Learn how to find and remove malware from your computer, and get your settings back. Set your start-up page. You can control what page or pages appear when you launch Chrome on your ...


Sometimes we lost accidentally Google search bar from home screens on smartphones. Watch this video to know "How to get Google Search bar back on Mobile Home Screen" https://www.onlinetipszone.com ...