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Methods of getting good grades in college include finding a productive study spot, always attending class, and taking advantage of professors' office hours. Students must develop more concentrated study strategies than they had in high school.


Students get good grades in high school by studying frequently, setting their priorities, scheduling time appropriately and taking good notes. Learning effective reading strategies, such as "active listening," also helps students do well in high school.


A passing grade for undergraduate courses is typically a D- or higher, although some schools don't offer grades of D- and go directly from D to F, which is a failing grade. A passing grade for graduate school courses can vary by school but is commonly a C- or higher. Th...


Strategies to increase the chance of admission to a good college include planning a productive high school education, taking on academic challenges and applying to a limited selection of colleges. As college admissions become increasingly competitive, these strategies c...


Although a grade of "D" is treated as a passing grade at many colleges in the United States, there are exceptions to this rule. Some institutions have specific policies that apply when students earn a grade of "D" in a course.


There are several grade-point calculators for college available online, provided by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education at Ohe.State.mn.us and websites such as Back2College.com. A points-grade calculator for individual grades is also available through Mercer.edu.


Someone who wants to get better grades should begin by attending every class. This ensures students do not miss important information.