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You'll want to add one tablespoon of Fruit-Fresh to every four cups of pears. Then add 2/3 cup of sugar to each four cups of pears. Here's how I do it: I use a measuring cup to remove the pears from the lemon water, and strain them through a colander.


Fresh pears can finish a meal as an elegant, low-calorie dessert or make a delicious addition to morning cereal or oatmeal. Freezing pears can extend the season of this tasty fruit beyond the traditional window, gracing your mealtimes with pear slices, sauce, pies, or any other creation you can imagine.


Start with firm, ripe fruit: If you just picked your pears, they probably aren't ready for the freezer yet.Pears need to ripen off of the tree, and it's a process that usually takes a few weeks. First, store your pears until they are perfectly ripened. Then, learn how to freeze your pears when they're ready.


Freezing Pears for Home Storage. Pears store well in a cool, dry area, like a basement or root cellar, but over time, they do tend to dry out and get a wrinkly skin and Styrofoamy texture. Freezing retains the taste much better, and leaves them fine for cooked recipes. Here's how to freeze the pears, in easy steps.


Freezing pears is a good way to ensure you can enjoy them year-round, and proper preparation ensures that your pears are just as healthy frozen as they were fresh. Rinse the pears in cool water, and then peel away the outer skin with a vegetable or apple peeler.


How to Freeze Pears Without Sugar. While frozen pears are traditionally packed with sugar syrup, you can also freeze fresh pears using a dry pack method. The dry pack method does not require any sweetener, but because these pears brown faster than those prepared with sugar, you need to take special precautions to ensure a quality fruit. Choose firm...


Do you still need to do the sugar syrup for freezing or did you just soak in the salt water, rinse, place them into bags and freeze? I’m looking to use the pears in a fruit salad in a few weeks.(I’m trying to be ambitious and have all my fruit ready to go:) Thank you


Can you freeze pears? Crisp fresh pears during harvest time can be picked and preserved through freezing methods that will allow you to enjoy the fruit throughout the year. All you have to know is how to freeze the pears properly, which if you do not already know how the information below will help you.


Fresh pears are plump, delicious, and so juicy! Why not save them for another day? Pears do well frozen and stored for later. Here are the steps you need to get started, taken from our Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.