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To fold a bandana like Tupac, fold it several times into a headband. Then tie it once at the top of the forehead to recreate the rapper's iconic look. Lay the bandana on a flat surface. Place a bandana wrong side up on a table or other flat surface. If the bandana is small, fold into a triangle so that the wrong side faces inward.


How to Tie a Bandana Like Tupac by Ainsley Patterson ; Updated September 28, 2017. Often the way that a celebrity wears a certain item of clothing becomes one of the hottest new clothing trends. When Tupac wore a bandana, thousands of people tried to figure out how to imitate the bold style. ... Repeat this fold until you are left with a long ...


To tie a bandana like a headband, start by folding it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Then, fold the long edge of the bandana up 2 inches, and repeat until you've folded it all the way to the point on the triangle. When you're finished, wrap the folded bandana around your head so the center is against your forehead.


Best Answer: There are a lot of ways: 1) Go into a decent hair dresser and ask them to do it. 2) Collect every picture of Tupac with a bandanna and study them carefully. 3) Write a letter to Tupac's immediate family and axe if they know. 4) Pray before the grave of tupac and ask that he come back and tie ...


How to Tie a Bandana Like a Gangsta. Fold a square bandana into a triangle. Holding the two side corners of the triangle, begin folding it up toward the middle corner in half inch folds until you are left with a rectangular shaped scarf with pointed ends.


Visit the post for more. 4 Ways To Tie A Bandana Wikihow Bandanas the easy edgy look of 90s how to tie a bandana you the top 15 style moments from tupac shakur source how to tie a bandana like headband 11 steps with pictures


How do you tie a bandana like Tupac? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. ... what did tupac like to do? Tupac once said in an interview,that growing up he felt like an outcast because of his lack of ...


The Tupac. If you have long hair, put it in a ponytail or bun to keep strays from getting caught in the bandana. Fold the bandana as described in the Axl Rose, and then wrap it around your head ...