To find the volume of a shape, apply and solve the right volume formula that correlates with the specific shape in question. Some different shapes might be a cube, cylinder, pyramid or cone. More »

The volume of a box with height "a" and basal area "B" is given by the formula V = a*B, and the volume of a spherical solid of radius "r" is given by the formula V = 4/3*pi*r^3. Volume measures the amount of space occupi... More »

To find the volume of solid figures, use the length, width and height of the object, if its sides are measurable. If the figure has an irregular shape, measure its volume in terms of the volume of water it displaces usin... More »

The formula for density, which is mass divided by volume, can be manipulated to have the volume as the unknown. Given the mass and the density, the volume can be found by dividing the mass by the density. More »

The conversion of milligrams to milliliters is dependent on density and can be found using the formula volume = mass/density, where the volume is in milliliters, the mass in milligrams and the density in milligrams per m... More » Science Measurements

The mathematical formula for mass is mass = density x volume. To calculate the mass of an object, you must first know its density and its volume. More »

The cubic feet formula depends on the shape of the object for which one is calculating volume, but for a cube, v=a^3, where a is the length of one side in feet. For cylinders and prisms, the formula is the area of the ba... More »