Many Secretary of State and some county websites have search engines that locate precincts and polling booths. Requirements vary among websites, but many require users to enter at least some of their address information ... More »

A voting precinct is a subdivision of either a city or county where each address in the area is assigned to a precinct and each precinct is then given a specific location for its residents to vote. Multiple precincts may... More » Government & Politics US Government

Voting precinct maps can typically be found on the local city or county government website for a particular area. In addition to listing all of the voting precincts, these maps also usually identify the specific polling ... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Information about voter precincts and other election issues can be found by contacting the Secretary of State, election commission or city hall for a specific state. To find out who to contact, visit the U.S. Election As... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Find your voting precinct by entering your address on Only street information is needed; does not require your home address or any other personal information. In addition to precinct information,... More »

The voting precinct for Texas voters is located on each resident's voter registration certificate. If a resident has misplaced his voting certificate or does not have one, he can determine his precinct by contacting his ... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

California voting guidelines include eligibility rules that indicate only U.S. citizens who are California residents and are at least 18 years old on election day can vote, according to the California Secretary of State ... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections