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Buying Sugar Gliders - what you need to know. If you're not really familiar with sugar gliders, perhaps only saw them at a mall, fair, or pet store, you really should read this first. You can generally find sugar gliders for sale in just about any part of the country; very often there may be a "hobby breeder" near where you live.


Find photos of Sugar Gliders for adoption near you. Read profiles of Sugar Gliders personalities. Give a healthy Sugar Glider a home. Why buy a Sugar Glider for sale when you can adopt? Use Search Saver. We will e-mail you when we find a Sugar Glider in your area for adoption.


The Pet Glider is a world-renowned, USDA-licensed breeder of healthy, sweet, and tame sugar gliders. When you buy a sugar glider from us, you will be getting an animal that has been bred for health and temperament — an animal who has received special care and a well balance diet through The Pet Glider Diet & Vitamins.


Since Sugar Gliders are exotics that require time, attention, and high maintenance diet, many people are sold Sugar Gliders without being given proper information. Consequently, they do not realize what they are getting into and often times get rid of them shortly after. Breeding Sugar Gliders properly will not likely bring a profit.


Sugar Gliders for Sale. The common name of this adorable animal comes from its love of sugary, nectarous foods and their membrane that allows the ability to glide through the air, similar to a flying squirrel. Their lifespan in captivity can be up to 15 years with proper care.


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Standard sugar gliders for sale! [happygliders14] Hi there I am a sugar glider breeder west of Indianapolis and I have several standard babi Danville, Indiana » Sugar Gliders » Sugar gliders for sale!! [happygliders14] Hi there I am a breeder just west of Indy! If you're interested in purchasing a glider ple


We have several sugar glider joeys available. A few are ready for their new homes now! Pr Andover, Ohio » Sugar Gliders » $200: 6 gliders need a home ASAP! Hello all! I have 6 gliders, a mom and dad, and 4 babies ( 2 litters of 2) none of them ar Cleveland, Ohio » Sugar Gliders » ...


Sugar Gliders for sale. Paradise Valley Farm is a small scale, USDA licensed breeder, located in Cleveland, GA. Sugar Gliders from Paradise Valley Farm come from friendly, healthy bloodlines. We typically have joeys born once or twice a month. Once the gliders are fully furred and riding on mom's back, we will begin handling them to help ...


Since Sugar Gliders are NOT rodents, they do not instinctively need to chew on things and are not destructive by nature. Probably one of the most unique things about Sugar Gliders as household pets is how strongly – and permanently – they bond to their human “families”. ... OUR ONGOING COMMITMENT TO YOU “AFTER THE SALE”: