The yoga pigeon pose, also known as the one-legged king pigeon pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, is valuable for increasing range of motion in the hip joints. In the advanced version of the pose, a yoga practitioner can t... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

According to Everyday Health, yoga poses such as "downward-facing dog," "child's pose" and "pigeon pose" help relieve back pain. Daily practice of these poses improves flexibility and circulation, and it may lessen pain ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Good yoga exercises for beginners include the Chair, Legs-Up-the-Wall, Plank and Thread the Needle poses. Advanced students practice inversions and poses such as the Upward Bow, Forearm Balance, and Two-Legged Inverted S... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

The yoga fish position is performed on a flat surface, usually on a yoga mat. The yoga fish pose gets its name because, if the pose is done in water, it resembles a floating fish. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

A yoga bow pose mimics the look of an archery bow. The bow pose, which is also called dhanurasana, involves lying on the stomach, bending the legs upward and grasping the ankles with the arms stretched back straight. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Using yoga pose pictures to improve technique is a question of careful observation and mimicry; yoga pose pictures can also give details about pose variations that may not be clear from simple descriptions. Using a mirro... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Yoga

Symptoms of osteoarthritis include pain in the joints during or after moving, tenderness when applying pressure, stiffness after lengthy inactivity, and the loss of flexibility or range of motion, according to Mayo Clini... More » Health Conditions & Diseases