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If you'd love to learn how to knit but struggle with using the needles, start with a knitting dolly. To French knit, you simply wrap yarn around a hollow dolly that has pegs at the top. Work the yarn around the pegs to create a long knit cord that comes out of the bottom of the dolly.


Learn how to do French Knitting or how to make a tube by using two needles with these two easy guides. TAGS: A Bit More Tricky Complete How To Video. Many of us will remember French Knitting (tubular knitting) from our childhood, using a wooden cotton reel as an introduction into knitting with two needles.


You can make your own "french knitting" machine, by using Popsicle sticks (as is done in one of the attached links), and I have seen knitting machines to make i-cords, which is another name for ...


Do you remember French Knitting? It is a really lovely way to sit down with your kids and have a bit of quiet and creative old school fun. If our kids have the dexterity for Rainbow Looms, they can handle French Knitting.


This short 'How To' video from Oxford Makers - http://www.oxfordmakers.com - shows you how to begin with your knitting dolly, and start french knitting. Copy...


French Knitting (or Dolly Knitting) is usually is usually the first foray into knitting that most of us have had as kids. Do you remember making long lengths of long knitted cords and then thinking “What do I do with these now?”. It’s a question I get asked all the time, so being a crafty sort of gal I thought...


How to Use a French Knitter: The other day, I post an Instructable on how to make a cheap and easy French Knitter with a paper towel tube and popsicle sticks. This Instructable will now show you the basics of using a French Knitter to make a nice long yarn cord.


My daughter has a French Knitting ‘doll’ and has made many lengths of French knit but we’ve not really been sure what to do with it all. She’s been using it for dolls and toys etc but I went searching through Pinterest (as you know I do) and came up with these little beauties.


How to Do a French Knot. A french knot is an embroidery technique that creates small tight knots that, in groupings, can form nice centers of flowers and other accents in a dainty piece of handwork. When you finish sewing, crocheting, or...