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The way an organism interacts with the other species in the same ecosystem and the way it utilizes available resources determines its niche. Where an organism lives and what it eats shows how it utilizes available resources. Niche refers to an organism's role in a particular ecosystem.


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A "niche" (ie ecosystem including climate, topography, food sources, predators etc) in which a species of organism exists represents those conditions which favour the survival and reproduction of the species. If, for example, a new predator moves into the niche, it may no longer be as attractive (or viable) an environment for the organism.


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A species' niche includes all of its interactions with the biotic and abiotic factors of its environment.-Habitat determines niche. An organism's adaptions to its habitat determine its niche. -Adaptation is an inherited trait that increases an organism survival in its environment. A change in habitat can result in a change in niche.


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An organism’s niche is determined by its , which is it’s physical environment called Habitat. Explanation: A niche is a part a species perform in the ecosystem. In other words, a niche is how an organism “makes a living.” A niche will add the organism's capacity in the flow of energy within the ecosystem.


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