A Ford vehicle's universal vehicle identification number, for all models manufactured after 1982, can be decoded by the user at Fleet.Ford.com. Vehicles produced prior to 1982 require contacting a Ford dealership for dec... More »

To decode a Ford VIN, break the code into three parts. The first three digits identify that Ford manufactures the vehicle. The next six digits make up the vehicle descriptor section, and the last eight digits make up the... More »

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Decode a classic car vehicle identification number using free online services such as DecodeThis.com, VinWiz.com and Stovebolt.com. DecodeThis.com decodes VINs for cars by most manufacturers as far back as 1953. VinWiz.c... More »

The VIN, or vehicle identification number, will locate specifications for a Ford vehicle if entered into a website such as VINDecoder.net. This online service allows the user to check the validity of the car and get deta... More »

Two ways that an owner can search to find out if there are any safety recalls for a Ford vehicle by it's vehicle identification number (VIN) is through the manufacturer's website or by using the search function of saferc... More »

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Vehicle owners can check the recall status of Ford cars and trucks by entering a vehicle identification number into the search field on the Field Service Actions page of the company's website. The database contains compr... More »

The vehicle identification number for Ford cars and trucks is a 17-digit series of numbers and letters that identifies an individual vehicle and certain aspects of the vehicle's construction. According to Ford Fleet, the... More »