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Our parents always asked that we listen to them, but what happens when they refuse to listen to us? Some adult children are finding that their parents don’t always know best when it comes to their diet, driving, housing, medication and more. Learn more about what to do when your aging parents aren’t listening to you.


8 Things Not to Say to Your Aging Parents ... If he really truly can’t remember your children’s names, you have larger issues to deal with. The most important thing, Lederer stresses, is that ...


If you're one of the many -- approximately 44 million -- adult Americans who are helping to provide care for their aging parents, you're probably well aware of how stressful a role it is to take on. Even if your parents are in good health, but just need a little help with certain activities, it doesn't mean you worry any less about them.


Difficult aging parents can push us to the limit. We sometimes need to put ourselves first. There are successful ways to get along and do the best job we can without guilt.


Your parents’ aging, coupled with your own life stresses, can be difficult on a good day. When your elderly parent is not receptive to your help, or is ungrateful or downright mean, you may question your involvement altogether. However, sympathy, understanding and the ability to step back and care for yourself can significantly improve your relationship.


How to Deal With the Emotional Impact of Aging Parents. As we all age, we change. From being an infant to being a teen and eventually an adult. It is said that when an adult becomes older, they start reversing back into their childhood, in...


If you are unsure of how to deal with your stubborn elderly parents with dementia, you are not alone. We understand the challenges you face in getting your parents to the doctor, gaining their cooperation, convincing them to bathe and brush their teeth, and communicating with them.


That way, you're prepared to offer a resource immediately before your aging parent has a change of heart and you lose momentum. And you can help your aging parent be a good consumer and hire safely.


When aging parents need help, it can be an overwhelming challenge. These 7 steps help you figure out what to do and create a practical, realistic plan.


The Caregiver Forum is filled with stories of demanding elderly parents, personality changes, hallucinations, and temper tantrums. Fellow caregivers share their advice on dealing with an aging loved one’s personality changes and difficult behaviors.