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Easy to read on screen instructions walk you through each cut and pre-cut. All of the latest and most popular hair styles our covered including the DARK TAPER, SKIN FADE, LOW FADE, and BRAIDS and ...


If you went straight up that would not allow you to blend the hair, so be sure to curve out. Change directions with you clippers so you are sure to get all of the hair the same length Use the clippers sideways, up and down, etc. Wet the hair; How To Cut Mens Hair. HORSESHOE: Blend the heavy line


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The first way to do this is to cut the hair over the top of the fingers. Hold the hair between the pointer finger and middle finger with the palm facing down and the pinky resting on the head to stabilize the section. Use the front portion of the scissor and do not cut past your second knuckle. If you do you run the risk of cutting finger.


When cutting men's hair, break their head up into 7 parts: the top, left side, right side, back, left sideburn area, right sideburn area and the fringe. That way, they can describe to you how much hair they want taken away from each part. Make it a dialogue. As you cut the man's hair, continue to ask him for feedback.


A lot of men have their hair cut with a razor. However, some men don't want hair that's shaved and prefer a trim or a shaggy cut. A man can achieve neatly groomed hair when a pair of scissors is taken to it.


Transcript. I'm going to show you how to cut hair with clippers. I've placed a guard on the clipper. Soften and upward movement. So, again, it's an inward and an outward movement; unless you want a really short, short, short hair, you would always go in and out.


No matter how you want to style or cut it, there are tons of black men hairstyles out there for you. To get inspired to switch things up a bit, or just check out what’s out there, we’ve complied a gallery of some of the most stylish black men hairstyles that just may inspire your next ‘do. Stylish Haircuts for Black Men


Dynamic black male hairstyles don’t always suggest keeping the hair long (or even medium) on the head. A super-short, barely-there buzz cut leaves little hair up top, but you can make up for it by growing out your beard. This way you can still have some hair on your head, without needing to style or maintain it all day, every day.


Best Black Men Haircuts. From the high top and afro fade to the wave and line up, these haircuts for black men are hot, easy, and stylish.. High Top Fade. The classic high top haircut is back in all its 90’s glory. Also known as the box cut or box fade, the high top fade is a sharp and structured style perfect for those who want manageable but voluminous hair.