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To curl your hair overnight, start by dividing your hair into at least 4 sections. Next, twist each section into a little bun and secure it in place with an elastic band or hair clip. Alternatively, cross 2 bobby pins at the base of each bun so they form an “X.” Then, leave the buns in place while you sleep.


It can be as simple as getting your hair damp and styling it a certain way before you go to sleep. This article will show you a few ways to get wavy hair overnight. Keep in mind, however, that if your hair does not hold curls or waves well, you might need to use some hair styling products, and the results may not last for very long.


Whether you have short, curly, or fine hair, you can still totally achieve beautiful, fuss-free looks without the help of a hot tool. Instead, take note from the video above and try an overnight ...


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If you only want your curls near the tips then this is definitely the best method. If you want curls for all your hair, then you also need to roll your hair closer to the roots. So you get curly hair overnight without heat at home! Please share your experience with us in the comments.


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My hair is naturally REALLY carzy curly like crazy frizzy curls though not pretty curls, normally when i do my hair i straiten it then curl it with a curling iron. Please ive tried everything! Help me!!! Im going to wash my hair tonight then do whatever you tell me to do then sleep in it and hopefully wake up and... Done beautiful curls...


Heat tools, daily washing and being short on time have all contributed to the growing desire for hair styling to last multiple days. Whether you curled your hair in the morning or want to create some heatless waves to make your life easier in the morning, overnight curl preserving is the way to go.


How to Curl Straight Hair Overnight, Without Using Any Damaging Heat, Because Yes, You Can Have Big Bouncy Waves ... there is a way to make straight hair curly overnight. ... un-clip and shake ...


Leave your hair overnight, ... And just like that, you’ve learnt how to do overnight curls like a pro! So, if you’re ready to put your newfound skills to the test, click over to our Curly Hairstyles page to discover even more ways to create covetable curls! « previous article.