To create a team name, discuss name ideas with team members and look for a name that accurately describes the team. Common sources of inspiration for team names include colors, locations and animals. Consider how the tea... More » recommends using as animals, colors and the state or region combined with the activity of the team to create a team name. Simple examples of weight-lifting teams include combinations like the Brooklyn Red B... More »

Some soccer teams for kids are named after animals, such as the Tigers or the Wolverines. Other names may be available to intimidate the opponents, such as the Pirates or the Slayers. If teams are interested in humorous ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Soccer/Football

Agile methodology is a way of developing software in which members of the development team collaborate closely with one another and with business stakeholders. Another major aspect of agile methodology is the incremental... More » Education

In order to pick a unique team name you should involve all the stakeholders and remember to consider the image you want to portray. You can use acronyms or pick a clue from the pop culture in developing a unique name. More » Education

The key to a good team name depends largely on what sort of team it is. It should be unique and easy to remember, and it should ideally reference the field in which the team participates. More » Education

To think of a creative team name, suggests first choosing a word relating to the team activity, such as strike, gutter or alley for a bowling team. The next step is to add an adjective or noun, ... More »