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Eat a diet rich in iron. Make sure that you get enough iron through nutritious, whole foods. Eating iron-rich foods can help prevent anemia. Meats and shellfish are an excellent source of iron. Red meats, such as lean beef or beef liver and shellfish, such as clams, oysters and shrimp are excellent choices.


How can you avoid anemia on a vegan diet? Most often caused by an iron deficiency, a plant-based diet may increase one’s risk of anemia. But by including certain foods in your diet, you can help reduce your risk of this health condition.


Health Tip: Help Prevent Anemia (HealthDay News) -- Anemia occurs when a person has too few red blood cells or insufficient amounts of a vital blood protein called hemoglobin. This means your blood may not be carrying enough oxygen to all parts of your body. ... Eat plenty of iron-rich foods, such as tofu, green and leafy vegetables, lean red ...


Eating foods high in iron can help prevent IDA. ... and we shouldn't make the jump to claim that anemia causes dementia. ... 2). "Iron-rich foods to prevent anemia could lower dementia risk."


How Do I Prevent Anemia? By Dr. Robert Butler. Last Updated: ... who may want to put you on a special form of iron and encourage you to eat more iron-rich foods like red meat and leafy green ...


Adding vitamin C to the diet improves the bio-availability of iron in the body. Avoid excess consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine as they interfere with the rate of absorption of iron in the body. Do regular hemoglobin count tests and talk with your doctor about the signs and symptoms to prevent anemia.


Anemia in Pregnancy . Being able to prevent anemia in pregnancy can be very beneficial for both the mother and the baby. During pregnancy, your body would demand more nutrients and minerals since your baby is deriving its nutrition from you. Mother Nature Network has provided us with some ways on how to prevent anemia during pregnancy.


The body absorbs iron from meat and fish better than that from vegetables. If you’re a vegetarian, consult a health care provider to make sure you’re getting enough iron. Making healthy lifestyle choices, including a nutritious, iron-rich diet, can help prevent common types of anemia so you can have more energy and feel your best.


How Do I Know if I Have Anemia? To diagnose anemia, your doctor will likely ask you about your medical history, perform a physical exam, and order blood tests. There are basically three different ...


If your lab results show you have anemia, it can be hard to find a diet plan that’s right for you. A diagnosis of anemia can mean you’re low on iron, important B vitamins, and folate. It's ...