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Cook with an electric steamer by arranging the food in the food compartment, filling the reservoir with water and turning the steamer on. Water may be replaced with stock, juice, beer or wine. The cooking time depends on the type and quantity of food. For best results, pack the food compartment loosely.


Electric Steamer: An electric steamer follows the same concept as the steam basket, but it’s a standalone cooking appliance that is designed to do the work for you, right there on your countertop. You add the water and the vegetables you plan on steaming, close and lock the lid, and then select the appropriate setting available on your appliance.


Steam from the boiling water escapes through the valve producing fluffy, tender rice. It is entirely possible to cook an entire meal in an electric steamer. Cooking a meal in a steamer is easy to do because you effortlessly throw in all of the ingredients and let it cook on its own.


How Do You Use an Electric Steamer? After cleaning and possibly seasoning the food that is going to be steamed, place it in the steamer and fill the steamer with the appropriate amount of water, then turn the steamer on and it will heat the water into steam and cook the food.


How to Use an Electric Food Steamer. Steam cooking is a healthy alternative in preparing foods. The benefits are not just of the food retaining its natural smell and color, but it also conserves its natural microelements and vitamins. When fish is steamed, it retains its valuable vitamins and Omega 3 fish oils. ... Video Hub by LEAFtv.


You'll notice most steamer inserts (the kind you place in a pot) have legs that keep the steamer basket out of the steaming water. They also have a handle or "loop" that you can use to lift the basket out when your food is done cooking. Keep in mind you want to be able to have easy access to that so you can easily remove the insert when it's time.


This 5 1/2-quart electric steamer has two tiers that stack for cooking then nest for more compact storage, so it’s both large and small. You can use just one tier for cooking when you don’t have as much food to cook, or use both tiers when you’re cooking for a crowd.The tiers have a removable center divider, so you can keep the broccoli from frolicking with the carrots, or remove the ...


Rice steamers are the preferred way to cook rice, even in Japan, and any rice steamer will do the trick when cooking rice. The more expensive brands of steamers will have preset timers and controls for different types of rice. Wash the rice. This is, of course, not mandatory. By washing the rice, you are removing the starches from the rice and ...


A rice cooker is the ideal tool to cook rice to fluffy perfection, but a resourceful cook has other options: both new-school electronic steamers and decidedly old-school bamboo steamers do the trick brilliantly. In each of these devices, hot, moist steam completely surrounds the grains of rice inside, cooking them to perfection.