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Diverticulitis usually develops when one of the pouches in the intestinal tract becomes blocked with waste, according to WebMD. The blockage allows bacteria to build up in the pouch, causing an infection.


Diverticulitis is a disease that occurs in the digestive system and involves pouches known as diverticula that wreak havoc on the colon, according to WebMD and Healthline. The condition is often painful and requires pain medication as well as standard treatment.


People with severe symptoms of diverticulitis are recommended to consume liquid food preparations such as broth and fruit juices. After symptoms improve, low-fiber foods such as white bread, fish, dairy products and meat can be eaten, explains WebMD. Eventually, high-fiber foods such as whole grains


Depending on the severity of diverticulitis, it may be treated at home with antibiotics, pain relievers and diet, or it may require aggressive treatment methods such as IV administered antibiotics, the insertion of drain tubes if abscess develops and surgery. Diverticulitis is a medical condition th


Avoiding constipation and straining by eating a high fiber diet could help prevent diverticulitis, according to WebMD. A regular exercise schedule and adequate water intake can help impede constipation and reduce the chance of developing diverticulitis. Stopping smoking and avoiding non-steroidal an


To test for diverticulitis, a doctor orders blood tests and imaging studies. In some cases, a doctor also performs a digital rectal exam to see if there is a mass or any tenderness in the patient's pelvic area, states WebMD.


Alcohol affects diverticulitis in that it triggers abdominal pain and discomfort, especially through vomiting, that may interfere with the bowel's ability to function and lead to bleeding. This may occur in spite of taking medication and following a good diet to contain the condition, according to S


A person can find relief from the pain of diverticulitis by using a heating pad, trying relaxation techniques or taking pain medication, explains WebMD. Preventing diverticulitis with a high-fiber diet and practicing healthy bowel habits may also help.


Although a liquid diet is not a cure for diverticulitis, it is prescribed in mild or severe cases and when taking antibiotics to give the digestive system a rest, states Mayo Clinic. Treatment can also include surgery in more severe cases, explains WebMD.


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